Celebrity Interest & Endorsements Could Drive the CBD Industry to New Heights


    2020 is looking to be a good year for the CBD industry.

    Other than companies and entrepreneurs, celebrities have also shown their interest in dipping their toes into the cannabis industry.

    When it comes to the CBD craze, many celebrities aren’t just using the products, but they’re putting their money where their interest is, becoming investors, spokespeople and advocates for an industry that’s ripe for the taking. Many of us may not be able to do that, but celebs can be a different breed when it comes to these types of opportunities.

    In the past 12 months, Willie Nelson launched a product line of CBD-infused coffee beans called ‘Willie’s Remedy’, Kim Kardashian came out and told the world she hoped her upcoming baby shower was ‘CBD-themed’, and Mandy Moore told everyone listening at the Golden Globes that she was using CBD oil to soothe her aching feet after wearing high heels. The world has gone nuts on CBD, it seems.

    The former All-Pro tight end for the New England Patriots has sworn by CBD ever since he called it quits at age 30 in early-2019. Saying it helps him with pain management from chronic injuries sustained during his NFL career, “Gronk” teamed up with CBDMEDIC as both an investor and spokesperson, with plans to launch his own consumables line in spring of 2020.

    The former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson has gone through quite the image transformation over the past few decades. No longer the baddest dude on the planet, “Iron Mike” has calmed a bit since his partying days of yesteryears. A recent example is Tyson’s cannabis line, Tyson Ranch, which also includes a line of CBD-enhanced beverages called Dwiink, which include 10mg of CBD in each bottle.

    A Boston Celtics legend, the current NBA analyst turned his attention to CBD a few years after his retirement, claiming he did so following a horrific stabbing incident in the early-2000s that left him with chronic pain and PTSD for more than a decade. Looking for an alternative, Pierce launched his own CBD brand to help guide other people towards additional solutions for things like trauma, pain relief or sleep assistance.

    American Premium Water Corp. (OTC: HIPH) has been working with The Brewer Group (www.thebrewergroup.com) and CEO Jack Brewer to help recruit current and retired professional athletes to promote LALPINA Hydro and LALPINA Hydro CBD beverages. Studies have shown that there are many potential health benefits from ingesting hydro nano infused products, including short term benefits to enhance workouts and aid in recovery. The Company is also working with Mr. Brewer on initiatives with current and former NFL players with the Company’s LALPINA Hydro CBD beverage. Mr. Brewer, a 6-year National Football League veteran and CBD proponent, has the network to assist the Company’s efforts to educate the public about the benefits of hydrogen and hydrogen infused CBD. Mr. Brewer was instrumental in getting LALPINA placed at events and parties at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis earlier this year. The Company and Mr. Brewer see the potential for LALPINA Hydro CBD to be an all-natural replacement for opioids, which would benefit retired players, whose struggle with opioid addiction has been well documented.

    Last year, the company launched a line of CBD products under the “American Premium” brand. The products will include terpenes, vapes, and other CBD and Hemp infused products, which will be sold along the Company’s other brands. The line, developed in partnership with Jack Brewer, one of the Company’s brand ambassador’s, will be launched at Ambassador Brewer’s 5th Annual JBF Hamptons Gala, which will be co-sponsored by the Carlos Beltran Foundation’s Operation Rise Up (https://www.bridgehamptonbenefit.com/). Ambassador Brewer will assist the Company with distribution among his network of social media influencers comprised of active and retired athletes.     

    American Premium Water Corp. made significant acquisitions and partnerships so far this year, the company announced recently that it has closed the transaction with a definitive agreement to acquire domestic distribution rights for Q4 Sports (www.q4sports.com) for a one year period that can be extended upon the consent of the Company and Q4 and also recently announced that its LALPINA CBD will now be sold in 7-Eleven. The product will initially be sold at the 7-Eleven located at 11401 Ventura Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91604. This location is part of a 25-store network owned by an individual franchisee, who is a part of the chain’s 7800+ network of stores in the United States.  This development is part of 7-Eleven’s initiative to be a front-running retailer in the consumer CBD market.

    The company recentlyannounced that Goldman Small Cap Research, a sponsored research provider focused on microcap stocks, has issued a new research update. This update highlights the impact of the Company closing its distribution agreement with Q4 Sports (www.q4sports.com). In the sponsored research update, analyst Rob Goldman affirms his price target of $0.0125 and his investment thesis, noting that the news reflects a milestone event that is wide-reaching for the Company in terms of revenue, cross-selling opportunities, and a reach into new markets.

    “In our view, this news serves as a transformational event for HIPH. First, it will foster cross-selling opportunities for HIPH that leverages the Q4 platform which could evolve into new, additional distribution. Second, HIPH can now reach a diverse and new demographics for its CBD offerings—that has heretofore not been widely targeted by HIPH’s peers, ” according to the Goldman Small Cap Research update.


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