New Technologies are Reshaping The Cannabis Industry: TruTrace Technologies Inc. (OTC: TTTSF) and EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII) On Watch


    The ongoing spread of cannabis legalization has brought on a massive wave of advancement that is transforming the art of cannabis cultivation.

    But the biggest transformation in the marijuana industry is likely to be technology-based. A number of new technologies are already reshaping the industry, or are on the verge of doing so. Here are five of the most prominent and exciting means of transforming the green rush.

    Last Month, TruTrace Technologies Inc. (OTC: TTTSF) creator of the first fully-integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry, today announced that it has signed a letter of intent (“LOI”) to establish a strategic working relationship with Anandia Laboratories Inc. (“Anandia”). The two companies intend to collaborate on an integrated testing solution in relation to TruTrace’s development of a blockchain-secured traceability ecosystem for the cannabis industry.

    Anandia is considered an industry leader in science, genetics, and independent cannabis product testing. Pursuant to the LOI, Anandia will serve as a primary analytical and genetic testing partner in the TruTrace ecosystem. The parties will also explore ways to work together on rapidly expediting and optimizing the testing processes under the Cannabis Act ( Canada ) as set forth by Health Canada, as well as evolving genetic testing practices in the cannabis industry.

    EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII), another publicly traded company based in Utah who already has one foot in the Cannabis/CBD industry, could be the right choice for both short and long term investors.

    The company announced that it was preparing to introduce new technology to licensed cannabis growers in the northwest that will help eliminate growth-impeding pathogens and stimulate harvest yields.

    “What hasn’t been covered as much is the potential and existence of fungal and contaminants that are prevalent in nearly all phases of plant growth, harvest, and post-harvest product processing of hemp and cannabis,” said Gaylord Karren, ETI’s President. “Mold and fungal presence in grow rooms as well as outside grow facilities is not only dangerous but also negatively affects the plant’s growth cycle, killing large portions of the crop and leaving bacterial residue on the plants and facilities. This reduces the growth and the ultimate yield. The problem is that there is no real non-toxic solution to eliminate mold and fungal growth in grow facilities.

    ETII has the only real, effective, non-toxic solution to cleaning and sanitizing plant facilities.”

    The company is in a good position to take advantage of the burgeoning Hemp/CBD Pet industry.

    Last year the company confirmed that its subsidiary, CBD Health Co., (, a company that markets and sells high quality and proprietary hemp-based, natural CBD health products, is progressing in its hemp-based pet supplement products development.

    “Much has been written lately about CBD products and the numerous applications for humans and pets, which has raised consciousness of CBD’s therapeutic value. Our CBD products are all cannabidiol-based, which means they are not psychoactive and are safe for pets,” said Joe De Leon, CBD’s President. “When your pet gets sick, you want the best treatment available and the products we are developing will offer better, more effective and safer medicinal options for pets than traditional pet health products.”
    The company (ETII) intends to work closely with veterinarian doctors attending trade shows, and launching national campaigns to penetrate the market. Along the way we will educate the public on safe and natural ways to treat their pets.


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