Upper Street Marketing Completes First 1,200-Acre Hemp Cultivation, $200 Million Harvest Projected


Upper Street Marketing Inc. (OTC Markets: symbol UPPR) has fully planted its first hemp crop on 1,200 acres of Colorado farmland and is now less than 16 weeks from being able to start processing the biomass into high-grade cannabidiol (CBD) isolates and distillates.

Pictures of our planting are available at our website, that is www.upperstreetmarketing.com.

“As we ramp up to solve the global CBD deficit, the weather and an expert cultivation team were on our side,” said UPPR Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Earle. “Now all we need to do is let Nature translate that effort into a CBD-rich harvest ready for our extraction facilities.”

Hemp plants generally require 16 weeks before the flowers are ripe enough to develop oil-bearing seeds. At that point, the mature biomass is ready for harvest, separation and processing.

Getting the crop in the ground now puts UPPR on track to meet its extraction start date in late September or early October. Since the company owns a 100,000 square-foot facility in Center, Colorado as well as leases a 12,000 square-foot laboratory in San Diego, California, management anticipates that converting the biomass into high-grade CBD isolates and distillates will be a relatively straightforward process.

The company has also retained FDA-licensed contract pharmaceutical manufacturer, PrimaPharma Inc., (http://www.primapharma.net) to ensure that all products meet regulatory and commercial FDA cGMP standards. Most recently, UPPR has partnered with ICC Inc. (http://icc-inc.net) to build out the manufacturing systems that will turn industrial quantities of raw hemp into high-grade CBD products to meet parabolically increasing commercial demand.

Previously disclosed yield projections suggest that the company will target production of up to 45,000 kilograms of high-quality CBD to help meet soaring demand spawned by discussion of the newly legalized, non-psychoactive chemical compounds formerly locked within the hemp plant.

Fortune magazine and other publications have contemplated a 100X surge in CBD consumption between now and 2023, at which point UPPR and other producers will need to ramp up output from a currently minimal 55,000 kg of isolate to as much as 3.5 million kg. 

UPPR research indicates that approximately 55,000 acres of hemp were harvested in 2018 across North America, enough to satisfy only 2 million kg of retail demand. On that basis, cultivation will need to expand to over 250,000 acres simply to meet projected 2020 consumption.

In the meantime, recent wholesale pricing on CBD isolates is running above $3,000 per pound ($7,000 per kilogram) and many organic hemp farmers target yields of 15% CBD or higher. As such, the acreage UPPR has planted can conservatively produce a crop worth the equivalent of $200,000 per acre, or a revenue event topping $200 million US.

“Even though we have partnered with third parties to supply at least 2 million pounds of hemp biomass this season, it will be especially satisfying to process our own crop as well,” CEO Earle said. 

“While we’re executing parts of our strategic plan up to a year ahead of schedule, our initial cultivation and extraction framework remains in place to hit a $75 million revenue target for 2019. So far, so good.”

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About Upper Street Marketing and CBD

An estimated 7% of Americans are currently consuming CBD products, with that population conservatively expanding 30% (to 25 million adults) by 2025. Now fully legal as a non-psychoactive product of industrial hemp, CBD has been promoted as an effective treatment for everything from arthritis to insomnia. To date, the only FDA-approved uses are for two rare forms of childhood epilepsy. With one of the only integrated “seed to consumer” platforms for participating in all phases of the industry from crop to value-added commercial and clinical product development, UPPR intends to be a leader in FDA cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) capabilities in the hemp and CBD marketplace. 

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